Rug cleaning is among the most popular professional cleaning services we are hired for in Surrey along with residential carpet cleaning and taking care of upholstered furniture. We at Quick Carpet Cleaning offer a highly effective and advanced water extraction system for your rug, mat or runner that is also very safe and healthy because we work only with the highest quality products that are not heavy chemicals and toxins. This way we ensure impressive outcomes for our clients to enjoy with a long-lasting effect and additional protection added and also we highly reduce the risk for your health by minimising the amount of bacteria, dust and allergens.

We at Quick Carpet Cleaning spent a lot of time on developing our rug cleaning treatment service and improving each and every aspect of it. We know that our clients want and deserve the best results possible and not putting their health and safety at risk, so we have invested a lot into being able today to meet all your requirements, needs and desires and at the same time meet all the highest standards in our branch for hygiene, health and safety.

A happy home with the help of the best cleaners

We are extremely happy to be recognised as a reliable and trustworthy professional cleaning company in Surrey. Our good reputation allows us to set new standards in the rug cleaning field, standards that ensure effectiveness, safety and professionalism. By popularising the idea of the best professional cleaning service that won’t break the bank and comes on very reasonable and affordable price, we make professional treatments performed by knowledgeable and experienced experts available for anyone in need in Surrey.

For our work we count on advanced and innovative systems and products that are highly efficient and very family- and eco-friendly at the same time. On a typical cleaning day, the risk of indoor air pollution because of the great amount of heavy and toxic chemicals used increases significantly. We understand that these heavy-duty industrial cleaning agents are not necessary for achieving the best results. Instead of taking the shorter and easier path and use this kind of products that are truly very powerful, but unfortunately not that family-friendly, we prefer to be able to offer equally efficient service that is highly safe. We use the popular hot water extractions system that injects solutions in between the fibres of the rug, mat, or runner and then extracts all the residue along with dust and dirt.

Brilliant and budget-friendly rug cleaning in Surrey

Usually rugs are the first to accumulate dirt and grime at home. Due to the constant usage and exposure on the aggressive environment such as heavy footfall, frequent traffic and a lot of debris entering the house, rugs are also usually the first to show wear and tear. Our mission is to remove every bit of dust, dirt and debris along with all bacteria and allergens. In addition, we neutralise the odour and remove stubborn stains that otherwise are extremely hard to get rid of. Finally, we add a long-lasting protection with our rug cleaning treatment, so you can enjoy the look, the freshness and the perfect condition for as long as possible.

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