We specialise in specific techniques and maintenance systems for treating some of the most hard to care of and look after features of your home, like for example carpet cleaning, curtain and upholstery cleaning. We operate in the Surrey area and provide all customers and clients with the highest quality of service and a lot of customer care and attention to your requirements, needs and desires. Curtain cleaning is one of the services we pay a lot of attention to and invest a lot of time, knowledge and training. Since maintaining a clean and fresh look of your curtains and their perfect condition is often not achievable simply at home and needs a professional and reliable hand, we want to be sure that we are able to offer the best treatment and most professional approach. If you are looking for a quality maintenance service for your curtains in Surrey, then our company is your best choice.

Stress-free and effective – the best curtain cleaning

Curtains and blinds usually accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, often as much as carpets at commercial premises, even if they are not visibly dirty. Cleaning and freshening them up from time to time is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe home, otherwise, the accumulated bacteria and allergens could lead to respiratory and skin conditions and provoke allergies. No one wants that, right, so paying attention to your curtains is the best you can do. Well, on the shelves of your local supermarket or department store you are most probably going to find a great choice of curtain cleaning products and you may be tempted to try them out. Of course, most of these products promise perfect results and they often provide you with impressive outcomes, so at the end, you are satisfied that you haven’t blown your hard-earned money on professional service. However, which are the drawbacks of using these products?

Reliable and trusted cleaning provider

As customers, we are trained to think and believe that bacteria and dirt are the main reasons for an unhealthy home and that heavy chemicals and toxins are getting rid of them for good. On a typical cleaning day, we use a big number of products and that way we increase significantly the risk of a number of conditions and issues. Heavy and toxic chemical products, which more of the ones you can find at the store are, often are even more dangerous for our health than dirt. They pollute the indoor air and also contain ingredients that may lead to irritations, respiratory issues and skin conditions. Not wanting to scare you, but we at Quick Carpet Cleaning don’t recommend you to use that kind of products frequently and our opinion is based on years spent in researchers and developing the concept for safe, healthy and effective curtain cleaning services.

What we offer is a safe, healthy and efficient way to see your curtains and blinds look like brand new again. We work according to very high standards that are set for a family- and eco-friendly cleaning. Instead of counting on heavy chemicals to do the whole job, we work with the highest quality and advanced equipment based on the water extraction concept that guarantees 100% safer and more effective cleaning approach than the conventional treatments.