The Christmas holidays are over and everyone is back to work. Well, have you forgotten something? Yeas, yeas… you have to take care of all the mess left from last year. Christmas party at work, many clients, last-minute speed-cleaning before closing up for Christmas, or more like a no cleaning at all… yes, all these are the reason for the great mess you find at work after the holidays. In addition, with the new year that has just started, you probably have so much work to deal with and cleaning is probably at the bottom of your priority list, or not there at all. However, taking care of all the mess and clutter, paying attention to important details of the interior of your workplace like clean upholstery pieces and more is a necessity and especially important for workplaces, because clients are not going to sit and wait for when your workplace is presentable enough to invite and welcome them. Every minute you are still procrastinating is one more precious minute you lose while your rivals are working full steam ahead! Believe us, clients definitely pay attention to clean carpets and they hate looking at stains and dirt all over the place.

Of course, the first thing we would usually recommend is to never leave all the work, chores and duties into the old year and try not to start the new one with mess and clutter. However, during Christmas time we are tempted to neglect anything else and spend some quality time with our friends and family. Now, when all the hassle and bustle of the holidays is over, it is already time to pack up the decorations, take down the Christmas tree and spruce up the place!

Floor maintenance has to be one of your year-round priorities, especially with hard floors made out of real materials like wood and stone and also for carpets that need more thorough cleaning in general. However, accidents happen during the holidays and all the pre-Christmas enthusiasm is another reason for accidents that also have their impact on the way the floors look and also their condition. You can easily remove holiday remnants such as spilt punch and wine, crumbs, wrapping paper, pine needles, sap and more, or you can hire a professional cleaning company to do that for you. The main idea is taking care of all these on time, otherwise, they will ruin the whole appearance of your workplace and soon or later will leave a negative impression on your clients and visitors. Here are a few tips on how to return your floor to its pre-holiday condition:

  • Sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor in order to remove all the loose debris and all the dust and dirt accumulated. Carpets usually need more thorough vacuuming, because they attract more dust. For wood and stone floors better use the hard floor attachment of your vacuum machine so you can remove all the crumbs, needles and debris without causing scratches.
  • Dried spills can be removed with specially designed for the floor cleaning products. For wooden floors better choose a cleaning product with neutral pH and use as less water as possible. Carpets usually need a professional stain removal treatment.
  • Food colouring, juice and wine stains and also heel marks require the usage of more heavy duty products that are still gentle to the floor itself. Go for non-toxic and non-abrasive products or rubbing alcohol if the stains are very stubborn.
  • Tree sap can be removed with white vinegar.
  • For one last final touch be sure to wash or mop with a damp mop the whole floor for an amazing and sparkling clean appearance.