It doesn’t just affect man, the risk is real – your carpet can get bald? Oh, no, no, this is the last thing you want for your carpet, right? Considering the not so low price of carpet, who won’t want them in perfect condition and appearance forever? So, here is why your carpet can get bald and here is how you can prevent that, keep reading!

The fact that we are concerned about the condition of our carpet is pretty easy to understand. This is not something cheap, this is not something you would like to replace every year and this is something that is meant to last for a long time. Because of that we are paying attention to the fact how to maintain carpet in perfect condition by looking after them through regular and thorough carpet cleaning services, stain removal services and so on. But carpet can get bald and you have to take into account this fact too, so you can prevent it.

Have you ever notices bald patches in carpets and wonder why the fibres are missing? It could be probably because of an infestation of carpet moth/carpet beetle. They love wool and silk, they love natural materials and they have the ability to digest keratin protein in these natural fibres, so if your carpet is made out of natural materials, there is a risk to become a victim of them. Carpets moths and beetles also love damp areas of the carpet as they feed off this too. Most commonly they can be found in dark corners of your carpet and under units, this sounds pretty creepy, we know! The adult beetles lay eggs in these areas and when the larvae become an adult itself, this is when they leave these larvae casings on your carpet. Disgusting, they don’t have a place in between the fibres of your pretty carpet!

If you are in a situation of moth/beetle infestation, then a professional carpet cleaning service is the way to save your carpet and stop these little creatures from destroying it. A thorough vacuuming of all carpet areas will get rid of the little creatures, but also a good, old natural cleaning agent will help too by eradicating them! If the problem is gone already too far and you are suffering bald areas on your carpet, there is a big change to have this repaired too, you only have to be sure to have and keep with you an offcut of the same carpet. If it is in the same condition in terms of wear and tear, this will help a lot for an even and uniform appearance of the whole areas covered with carpet flooring!

How to prevent carpet moths and beetles? Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance will do the trick! Regular vacuuming is important for getting rid of the adults and larvae before they manage to turn your beautiful carpet into their home sweet home. Don’t focus on just the main areas when vacuuming, if you want a full success, pay attention to every corner and nook and under units too, when possible. Yes, this is most certainly not the most enjoyable thing to do on a Sunday morning, however, this is the only way to keep your carpet in tip-top condition.