Get used to it, because owning a carpet means not only functionality and comfort, but also a spectrum of stains, issues and imperfections. They will happen and they will happen accidently, so there is almost nothing to do to prevent them. But there are a lot of thing you can do in order to prevent issues becoming permanent and totally ruining the whole appearance and condition of your carpet. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service for all those annoying and stubborn stains or for a deeper and more thorough clean of your carpet, rug or mat. Otherwise, we have a few effective and time-proven tips and tricks on how not to ruin your carpet!

What is your carpet’s main and biggest need? A good and high quality vacuum machine! That is right, carpet cleaning, for the most of the time, is mainly vacuuming and getting rid of all the dust and debris that is accumulated on the surface and hidden deeper in between your carpet’s fibers and texture. Investing in a good vacuuming machine may seem like way too much, but it doesn’t mean that a quality vacuum is going to break the bank for sure, since you can find what you need at a very decent price. In addition, owning and treating your carpet with quality vacuum is important in order to have that peace of mind that your carpet is as clean as possible with vacuuming only, protected from a number of issues and quicker wear and tear.

How to make sure your carpet won’t be ruined after a party at home? How to find the best balance between being social and partying at home and protect your carpet from permanent stains and other carpet-destroyers? Before your guests arrive, you can soak a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil and place in the bag or drum of your vacuum machine. That way you add a fresh and pleasant smell and neutralise all strange odours your carpet may keep. Simply run around the house to release the beautiful scent. When it comes to decorating for the party, consider skipping the candles, since they are dangerous and can completely ruin your carpet… and your home…

Considering any other type of flooring, your carpet requires significantly less to look and feel good, however, it still needs some attention, nothing too excessive. For a standard maintenance and prevention from dirt and debris build-ups run the vacuum twice every week. If heavy stuff has burdened your carpet and left dents, dampen with a wet rag and blow dry back to the initial direction of the fibers while gently massaging with your fingers. In order to prevent that problem, be sure to move around heavy furniture pieces every now and then.

In order to breathe a new life to a worn, aged and tired carpet, you can sprinkle a solid coat of baking soda and let it rest overnight. Clean it up the next day with your vacuum, then mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritz all over. Once it dries, your carpet will look like brand new and extra fresh!

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