Oh, hello there, professional upholstery cleaner! If you follow our blog every week, then we guess that you are already a bigger specialist in carpet and mattress cleaning and more than the professionals themselves! Of course, we often reveal the best-kept secrets of professional upholstery cleaning and everything related to how to have a sparkling clean home and workplace, but then again, the fact that we can do anything doesn’t mean that we can share everything! Or can we? We guess that the purpose of this blog is sharing everything we know, our experience and knowledge and the most helpful tips and tricks we have learned through the years, so this is what we are going to do today, for once again!

Backpack cleaning

We know that we will surprise you! How often do you remember that the school bags for your kids, or the backpack you are travelling with, need to be cleaned too? Do not answer, we don’t want to make you feel embarrassed, although there is nothing to feel ashamed of, because we are here to help and remind you of what else needs to be cleaned from time to time (the list is long and never-ending, isn’t it?!).

If you are a parent of school-aged children, you know how dirty a backpack can get. In the best situation, you are able to save the life of the poor backpacks to last for one school-year more and this can be easily achieved by cleaning them to perfection and maintaining them in good condition. With the school year coming to an end, this is the perfect time to take care of the backpacks.

The first step to cleaning a backpack is emptying it out completely. And here we are talking not only about pens, pencils and notebooks but also for crumbs, old papers, gum wrappers and all the treasure that can be found in every compartment of the bag. Next – inspect! Is the whole bag suffering from serious dirt attack, or there are only a few stains here and there? If there are a few dirty spots, then spot treating them with warm water mixed with a few drops of a mild washing detergent is enough to clean them usually. Do not forget to wipe the treated area with a clean cloth afterwards!

However, if the backpack of your child is experiencing some serious dirt issues - start by pre-treating the worst spots with a stain remover that can be either purchased in the store or home-made. You can also let the bag soak for a few hours in warm water and a few drops of oxygen bleach. If the backpack does not have any hard structural elements such as cardboard backing, etc., you can also put it in the washing machine and give it a good wash. One thing you have to be aware of is that the backpack doesn’t have a place in the dryer, so when it is just washed and still wet, you have to let it air dry (outside, if it is possible) with a few towels stuffed inside the bag to keep its shape. And that is it, your children now have super clean and fresh backpack!