You know that carpets are very functional, beautiful and comfortable flooring choice. You also know that carpets tend to be a real pain when their look and condition is occurred by stains and other possible issues. In general, most of the issues that may happen to your carpet are not something to worry about, because you can easily get rid of them by yourself. Of course, there are also issues that may completely ruin your carpet and make you buy a new one or even consider wooden or another type of hard flooring, or when professional carpet cleaning help is highly required, but this is not a subject of today’s article. Today we are sharing with you the 7 main tips on how to take proper care of your carpet and avoid serious issues and problems. All of these helpful tips are valid for rug cleaning and even upholstery cleaning too, so take a look to find out how to maintain your home in perfect condition!

Vacuum correctly

And by correctly we mean regularly. Carpets tend to collect a lot of dust and debris along with allergens and bacteria. In fact, they can be a real magnet for dirt and grime that even if not easily noticed on the surface is surely hiding deep in the fibres of the carpet. Because of that daily vacuuming is highly recommended for avoiding such buildups that are not only unhealthy for the home family but also will quickly make your carpet look worn off and nasty. Daily vacuuming will help you keep the condition of your carpet in top shape and will get rid of the nasty allergens and bacteria too for a healthier indoor environment. Be sure to use the attachment of your vacuum cleaner that is designed for carpet cleaning. In addition, you may consider investing in high-quality vacuum cleaner.

The right underlay

If you choose the wrong underlay, this will reduce the life of your carpet significantly. Your carpet will suffer a lot if the underlay is too thin for the amount of traffic expected. If you want your carpet to last for many years, then go for a thick underlay.

The proper deep clean

Rent a carpet cleaning equipment – professional and high-quality one. It will be even better to hire a professional carpet cleaning team, but if you cannot afford it, or you just want to take care of the carpet by yourself, then renting professional equipment is a good solution. This type of equipment is designed especially for cleaning the carpet to perfection and getting rid of all the dirt and grime, while still being gentle to the fibres. Invest in high-quality cleaning products to match the equipment for perfect results. Thorough cleaning is recommended twice a year.

Repair carpet snags

If your carpet has a woven loop undone, then take a screwdriver, scissors and carpet glue and repair it quickly.

Clean up the pet mess

This can be pretty intensive one! Pets are known for ruing carpets. They spill their food and bring dirt and grime into the house, they also leave another type of serious messes, we know you understand what we are talking about. Make sure to treat the mess immediately, otherwise, it will get harder and harder to get rid of it. Remember – don’t scrub intensively, better blot the excess first and then treat with a cleaning product for carpet working from the outside to the centre of the stain to prevent it from spreading around.

A water absorbent mat

Get one by the front door to avoid moisture sticking to the carpet and the risk of mould.

A coarse doormat

A coarse doormat is great for outside your front door, because if its texture that removes soil and prevents soil reaching to your carpet.